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Tips and Tricks for Mobile Casinos

There is probably no other area of the Internet that is dominated so much by different kinds of unnecessary tips and tricks as the online gaming market. There are thousands of gaming systems and methods that don’t actually work but there are a huge amount of players who are ready to invest their money to try them. We won’t use those sorts of scams here and we won’t bore you with the kinds of tips and tricks that don’t actually work in mobile casino gaming either.

For this reason, we have decided to only show you tips and tricks for mobile casinos that definitely work and to which any player should pay attention to. These tips can definitely help you to increase your winnings or at the very least to minimize your losses. What you make of everything at the end though, is naturally still up to you.

Find Yourself a Trustworthy Mobile Casino

tipps and tricks for iphone casinosIf you would like to play in an iPhone casino, then you should be sure to use a trustworthy and well-known provider. In the best-case scenario you should only use the mobile casinos recommended on this site. These casinos have been active in this area for years and in some cases decades – so far they cannot be faulted. Also, we have tested them extensively ourselves and extensively ourselves can rest assured that everything about these casinos takes place correctly and fairly.

Pay Attention to the Security

On our computers everyone should by now have a firewall and a virus scanner installed. These increase the security of your computer immensely because it restricts access to your computer by other people or by not allowing them to harm you with viruses. If someone however took a look at the iPhones of most gamers, they would not be able to find anything similar.

The theme of security gets totally ignored by most players and general iPhone users. They have neither a virus scanner, nor any other type of security software on their mobile phone. Potentially this could become very costly, very quickly, as you are potentially making it very easy for fraudsters to acquire your mobile casino login details and then for them to play using your money.

Consider Carefully Which Apps You Install on Your iPhone

iphone casino tipps and tricksWhen you install an app, then you give this software an unbelievable amount of access to your phone. From the total surveillance of the phone’s activities up to and including the complete surveillance of your activities, everything is potentially at risk. It is therefore important that you pay close attention to what kind of permissions an app would like and to ask yourself with good common sense and thinking logically if all that it asks for, is really needed by the app or is it an invitation to fraud.

That also applies to a casino app or the mobile casino itself, of course. If these would like to know your location or want to activate your camera independently, then you should really ask yourself if it really has to use these features and to ask how safe the casino behind this app is. In this case it’s highly probably that scammers are at work, which will then empty out your casino account or your bank account.

Pay Attention to Who Is Observing You Playing on the iPhone

In the iPhone casino you can play not just the classic online casino games, but also poker too – especially Texas Holdem against other human opponents. That is all well and good but if you do not watch out, then at the same time your fellow traveller on the train, who sits at the table next to you can see your cards with a quick glance over your shoulder.

Still, it doesn’t always need to be an extreme situation that catches people out. Anyone who knows how much money you have on your mobile casino account and who easily can get access to your iPhone, can quickly withdraw the money and then misuse the account. Even if you lend your phone to a friend for a short time so he can make a phone call, it could potentially happen that he discovers the iPhone casino, thinks that is play money in the account and so thoughtlessly gambles away thousands of Euros or Dollars. For these reasons the utmost care is called for when using your phone for mobile gaming.

Tips and Tricks for Mobile Casinos
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