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Las Vegas

we do it all vegas logoThe City of Las Vegas is the most populous in the state of Nevada and the largest in the greater Mojave Desert. The city gained a reputation as the gambling capital of the world. It is also known for its grand shopping, dining, and nightlife. The city rates among the top destinations in the US for tourists, reported by the Team behind wedoitallvegas.com Some of the most prominent hotels and resorts are in the city to cater to the large number of visitors that finds its way there. Adult entertainment is one of the elements that made Vegas famous hence, the nickname Sin City.

You must have heard the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays there.” This saying comes from the fact that the wildest experiences take place in the Nevada city. The place is an epitome of fun, indulgence, and good life. When you hear the mention of the city, the first thing that you think is “unforgettable memories.” The popularity of the city has made it a great subject for films, literature, and music videos. Besides entertainment, this city in Nevada is a business hub. The booming hospitality sector makes the place perfect for conventions, conferences, and other business events. The possibility of mixing business with pleasure doesn’t hurt the popularity of the region. Visitors have plenty to see when in Sin City, and interacting with the culture makes for lifelong memories.

Best Las Vegas Hotels

This city has the largest number of AAA Five Diamond hotels than any other in the world, and that is quite something. Every few meters, you will come across a four or five-star hotel. A fair percentage of the hotels have casinos. The options range widely from boutique hotels to chains to luxury hotels. Here are some of the top Las Vegas Hotels.

Wynn & Encore

The two are sister hotels housed in the Wynn Towers, which are on the north side of the Strip. The location of the establishments is convenient because it is close to major shopping areas and other hotels. They are also less than 15 minutes from the airport. In each Wynn Tower, is a casino that includes a VIP section for high rollers. The casino recently renovated its sportsbooks to provide a highly entertaining experience for gamblers, like the Party Casino for online Games. For dining options, guests have over 15 restaurants to choose from with a diverse cuisine selection, including Chinese, Italian and Japanese. Wynn & Encore each have a swimming pool. Guests have other amenities available like spas, fitness centers, and private pools.

Aria Resort and Casino

aria logoJust like the Waldorf Astoria, the Aria is housed in the CityCenter complex. It’s 10 minutes from the airport and is within walking distance to various Strip attractions such as The Park, T-Mobile Arena and Cosmopolitan. The Aria hotel, which was established in 2009, has 4,004 rooms with 568 suites. Guests have the Sky Suite, a hotel within a hotel in the complex that boasts a lounge, private porte-cochere, and elevators. The Aria has several in-house restaurants that cater to a broad category of customers. Guests have a few other options outside the hotel. The casino at the Aria occupies 150,000 sq feet. It is CityCenter’s only casino. Aria holds the title for the largest building with LEED Gold status in the world.

Caesar’s Palace

ceasars palace

One of the most iconic Las Vegas hotels was opened in 1966. For over of a century, the hotel has been a big part of the Strip, appearing in TV shows, films and international events. It rests on 85 acres and offers guests a choice of 3,960 rooms that take up six towers. The hotel is designed in a Roman theme with the different towers named after famous Roman characters. Caesar’s Palace offers varying accommodation alternatives, ranging from basic to luxurious. Guests have many dining options, including steakhouses, French, and Japanese Fusion restaurants. The casino at Caesar’s Palace is one of the busiest and largest in Sin City, online it is comparable with the Leo Vegas Casino. It attracts gamblers from all over the globe with its advanced technologies.

The Bellagio

bellagio hotel casinoThe fountains in front of The Bellagio are some of the most recognized features in Vegas. They appear in postcards, websites, and advertisements. The building itself is iconic and is quickly identified with the Nevada city. Bellagio sits smack in the middle of the Strip with pedestrian bridges connecting it to Caesar’s Palace and Bally’s. Its location makes it easy to access from the Flamingo ramp. From the airport, the hotel is approximately 12 minutes away. Le Cirque and Picasso, two of the highest rated Frech restaurants, are found at this hotel. Several other restaurants and cafes are available for guests. The Bellagio has one of the biggest casinos in the Strip although it is not as advanced as some of the others in the vicinity.

MGM Grand

mgm hotel and casinoThe MGM Grand is another popular resort in the city. Opened in 1993, the MGM Grand was designed in a Wizard of Oz theme, which is part of the reason the hotel is so recognizable. It boasts a pool complex that spreads out over 6 acres. The dining establishments in the MGM Grand are some of the finest in the country. Guests have almost 20 restaurants and cafes in the hotel. The hotel sits on some of the most prime lands in the city- only a six-minute drive from the airport and within walking distance of various attractions. For gamblers, the casino at the MGM Grand doesn’t disappoint, its like the WinStar Casino at the Online version. It is a sprawling complex with a staggering collection of slot machines.

Las Vegas Events/Shows

Being the huge entertainment spot that it is, the city has some fabulous events every year. The presence of some of the top hotels in the world makes this city a perfect setting for various gigs. If you are visiting Sin City, gambling is not the only activity in which you can indulge. You can plan your casino trip to coincide with some of the hot events of the year to get the best the city has to offer. Some of these include:

Cirque du Soleil

One of the world’s biggest production companies, Cirque du Soleil, gives some of the best Las Vegas shows. The company has eight different shows that cater to varying tastes. Mystére, O and Michael Jackson ONE are some examples. The performances are a collection of tricks that showcase the very best that the production company has to offer. Whether you love a good aquatic show or an MJ-inspired number, then Cirque du Soleil is the company to keep an eye on.

Penn & Teller at Rio

Some of the top Las Vegas events involve magic shows. Any self-respecting magician or illusionist dreams of performing in Sin City. Penn and Teller is a duo magician act that has captivated the crowds in this city. The fun part about the pair is that Teller performs most of the tricks while Penn provides commentary. Although Penn explains everything that is going on during the magic tricks, audiences still enjoy a few surprises. Audience interaction is part of the show, which makes it very engaging.

Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace

Originally, it was Elvis who was responsible for holding up a whole show on his own. Now, that job is left to Celine Dion. The Canadian songstress performs a collection of some of her greatest hits and others from different artists. In some Las Vegas shows, Dion uses holograms of artists to join her on stage. She usually has a 31-musician set accompanying her performances. Enjoy a 16-piece sitting orchestra and a 5-piece horn section as you listen to the award-winning artist belt out some of the most popular tunes.

Blue Man Group at Luxor

The Blue Man Group is a trio of mimes that tackles deep topics on human evolution. They handle everything from groupthink to brain function to artificial intelligence. The three are earless and voiceless, which makes for a pretty interesting narration. What makes the shows stand out of the dose of distinct humour that the mimes inject into their performances. The crowd also doesn’t have to worry about language barriers. Blue Man Group shows are famous for their visual stimulation and quirkiness.

Carrot Top at Luxor

Another performer that has people scrambling for Las Vegas tickets is Carrot Top. He is a comic whose brand of humour may not appeal to everyone. Carrot Top uses props as part of his acts. He makes some of the weirdest and most creative items to accompany his commentary. The performer tackles everything from celebrities to politicians to sports figures. He’s hilarious and unapologetic in his comedy, which is part of the charm.

Las Vegas Casinos

We do it all Vegas means exactly that. Sin City caters to all kinds of desires from the tamest to the wildest. It choices of casinos ensures that there’s something for everyone. Top casinos in Sin City have websites that are easily accessible on mobile devices, while a few others have apps.


You can’t talk about gambling in Sin City without mentioning Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel where the World Series of Poker was first held. The casino, which is part of the TLC Casinos Enterprises, sits on the Fremont Street Experience. It is an iconic sight with it’s flashing lights all around the building. Established in 1951, Binion’s has been a big part of the evolution of gambling in Nevada. The casino provides an array of slots and table games.

The Cosmopolitan

One of the best hotels in the Strip houses one of the top casinos. The casino at the Cosmopolitan takes up 100,000 sq meters of space. Over ten different tables are present for gamblers and a lot of slot machines that range widely in theme. A mobile version of the casino is available for customers who prefer to play on their hand-held devices.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

The hotel spreads out across three buildings in the Strip and offers personalized gambling experiences. Occupying 12,500 sq meters, the Mandalay Bay casino has more than sufficient room for a collection of slot machines and table games. Whether you like poker, baccarat, or slots, the casino has something to tickle your fancy. High Limit play and VIP services are some of the offerings the casino has for gamblers. The casino’s theme is inspired by South-East Asia.

Gold Nugget Hotel & Casino

In downtown, Golden Nugget is one casino that has remained popular over the years. The casino overlooks the Fremont Street Experience and was opened in 1946. As one of the area’s oldest casinos, you can expect to find classic games, including blackjack, poker, and slots. The casino has an arcade that is ideal for families. Golden Nugget has a mobile app that simplifies access for customers.

Las Vegas Attractions

Sin City has plenty to offer when it comes to sightseeing. The city is one of the most exciting destinations, whether you are an avid gambler or not. Here are a few must-see attractions.

The Strip is the nerve centre of the city and home to many fascinating sights. The brightly lit hotels that line up the streets along the Strip are wonderful works of architecture that you can’t help but admire. The Luxor Hotel and Casino is one. This resort, built in the 1990s (same age like the well known 888 Casino), is shaped like a pyramid. At the peak, a spotlight beams high-intensity light that shines into the Las Vegas nightlife. 

Art is not a big part of the Sin City culture, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. At the City Center complex, art enthusiasts can see pieces from different artists. For the past ten years, MGM Resorts has injected millions into the city’s art scene. The public art is part of the project. Maya Lin’s Silver River is one of the pieces that you can catch a glimpse of at the City Center. At The Shops at Crystals, a piece called Glacia rests on the ground floor. It is made up of ice columns that measure 15 feet, which rise in the morning and melt throughout the day. 

At the Flamingo LV, is an oasis that provides a home to 20 turtles, fish, and over 60 exotic birds. The habitat is a nice distraction from the bustle that is Sin City. You get to see flamingoes as they laze about. Feeding time is usually the best time to catch the animals when they are active. Another attraction that provides a similar experience is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage

To see nature at its best, head to the Mojave Desert and visit the Red Rock Canyon. The National Conversation Area has a variety of geological features that visitors can see during drives or helicopter tours. Catch the seasonal waterfalls at the Ice Box Canyon or the Spring Mountain Ranch Park, which boasts several historic buildings. If you are on the ground, you can see Native American petroglyphs that are a significant part of the state’s history.

Las Vegas Sign

Our Las Vegas Tips

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Find here these five usefull free Las Vegas Tips:

  1. be prepared

    Before heading to vibrant Sin City, find a few tricks to make your trip enjoyable. It’s easy to disappear in the glamour of it all, especially for first-time visitors. Here is some important Las Vegas information with the help of the Team behind the WeDoItAllVegas.com Project that will help you create beautiful memories.

  2. get Discount Deals

    Sign up for a casino’s player’s club. Casinos in this city offer a host of discounts, deals, and promotions for customers. The player’s club is one way that gamblers can make the most of the available offers. Usually, a casino will have deals for restaurants, accommodation, and attractions, among other things. Signing up for the club means you can save money and earn points that you can cash in for gambling fun. Watch out for Las Vegas coupons as well to supplement your funds.

  3. Setup your Limits

    Make a gambling budget. Sin City is the city of temptation. The flashing neon lights, vibrant atmosphere, and intoxicating sights can make it difficult to resist spending. You might find yourself logging into different casino websites, trying to find the best gaming experiences. Set a budget before you join a casino and stick to it. Avoid putting all your money in mobile slots or card games then have to dip into your reserves to return home. Remember that your gambling budget should be money that you are comfortable losing.

  4. Strategies before playing

    Learn and have a strategy for gambling. Maybe it’s your first trip to this wonderful city, and you get enticed to try one of the new games offered by a casino here. Don’t make the mistake of gambling without a clear idea of how to. Las Vegas casinos have demos on their platforms and free lessons that novice gamblers can take advantage of. Learn a few strategies before playing with real money to increase the chances of favorable outcomes. 

  5. Aviod peak season

    As with any other hot tourist destinations, avoid peak season. Admittedly, the Strip is almost always busy, but some times of the year are calmer than others. If you wish to save money and have less competition in the casinos, then don’t visit the city during high seasons such as summer and holidays.