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Live Casino Mobile

Before we will we go into deep on what Live Casino on a mobile offers, let´s first clarify what Live Casino means. It is actually quite simple and easy to guess: it is a more or less the same setup as a land based casino, with live dealers, but the difference being that you are seeing them thru your computer or mobile device. As example, playing blackjack on your mobile phone in a live casino would mean that you would be seeing the actual dealer dealing you the cards. This truly makes playing casino games a bit more fun, since there will be an whole different interaction having actual dealers giving you the cards and chatting with you.

If it is still unclear for some, we are happy to outline it a bit further. Live casino is in fact the optimal combination of a land based casino and a virtual casino. With a live casino, both in a land based casino, on your computer or mobile device, you are playing against actual people instead of machine with random generators. Just as at a land based casino you can take a seat at the roulette table or black jack table and with real chips place your bets and at the same time see the real cards being dealt to you or in the case of roulette see the roulette ball spin around the roulette wheel. The large benefit of a live casino on your computer or mobile device is that you can access the casino at any time from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Although that the environment for the live casino is virtual, you can assure that all your winnings are real!

Online Live Casinos on your smartphone

Online Live Casinos belong today in the virtual casino segment. You will also even find similar live casino machines located in the land-based casinos, which serves as an introduction to the new function, which the casino visitor later can enjoy from their computer or mobile phone. Looking at the most popular and largest mobile casino software providers, you will see that the largest ones already have rolled out these functions cross all their platforms, making them very popular on the market. More and more software providers are taking the same directions, so we will probably during this year see more providers adding these features.

live casino gamesBut bare in mind, the mobile casino industry is just now emerging, so we expect that many new exciting features will be launched the coming months, and year. Just a few years ago there was no smartphones and barely any Internet on the phone, so there has been a lot of development in the short few years.

As mentioned, since the fact that more or less everyone has a smartphone today and that online gaming is continuing to grow, we expect to see a lot of development specifically when it comes to live casino offerings from the different casino software providers. That will include new casino games and many other features improving the gaming experience.

Available Live Casino Games on your mobile device

Due to the fact that the screen on a smartphone is much smaller than the computer screen, everything will need to be adapted into the smallest details so that the live casino games can function correctly.

The developers has therefore tried in a smart way to use the few buttons that might be available on the smart phones today, such as the volume button which in some casino games will allow you to use for making bets. Since that most smartphones today have very few buttons, and that everything is operated by touching the screen, the developers of the casino providers have added some smart features to make it easy for the customers to play the casino games. Again, with the screen being so much smaller on a smartphone, you will see in most casino games on your mobile device that most functions will only appear when you click a specific button on the screen. This is simple to create more space for the casino games themselves instead of other clickable areas, which you normally see on your computer screen.

Some of the most popular games in the live casino are roulette and blackjack, however it would be difficult in words to truly describe how the actually gaming experience is, more than that we were blown away how good live casino works on the mobile devices. The only advice we can give you, is to give it a try! Many of the casino operators listed on our site offers free casino chips, which is a great way to try the live casino out without spending money.

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