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Operating Systems

The best thing that happened to the gambling industry besides online casinos is mobile gaming. Over 80% of internet users access websites from hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. Casinos are among the businesses that are capitalising on the flexibility of mobile internet usage. Gambling companies are developing their platforms with the mobile user in mind. As casinos strive to compete with each other, they are creating mobile gaming solutions for customers on different types of devices.

Cross-platform apps are huge in the industry. However, some casinos focus on single-market offerings. Android and iOS are the two biggest operating systems for mobile casinos. Here, we will look at these two and other software where gamblers can access casino games on mobile.

Mobile Casino Operating Systems

iPhone Casinos

iphone casino logo

Many players are using mobile casinos over regular online casinos. The Gambling Commission shows that 43% of online gamblers prefer using portable devices with a 10% increase year on year. Experts predict that the mobile…

iPad Casino

ipad casino logo

An iPad casino is a gambling website that you can access on an Apple tablet. Web-based casinos have come a long way and accessibility on hand-held devices is one element. The popularity of online casinos…

Windows Casinos

windows casino logo

Windows remains the most popular operating system for computers. It does not hold the same position when it comes to mobile smartphones, but it still makes a fair competitor thanks to the high-quality smartphones produced…

Android Casinos

android casino

Android casinos are establishments that can be accessed through Android phones. Given most that most of the casino players today use their phones, most casinos ensure that players can play on the go by providing…

iPhone Casinos

Apple CasinoiOS ranks as the most reputable operating systems for mobile. The iPhone is the device that ushered mobile phones into the era of smartphones. It revolutionised how people communicate on cell phones. An iPhone provides you access to exclusive Apple services from payment solutions to music streaming. Casinos are the latest offerings that you can enjoy on your Apple phone. An iPhone casino is a gambling platform customised to work on the Apple smartphone. iPhones make up a considerable number of mobile users.

People love this OS because it offers a high-quality interface with premium services. It makes sense that casinos would tap into this market. You can play casino games on your iPhone by downloading an app or using a browser. An iOS casino app is designed to integrate with the phone interface, providing you with an unobstructed view of the platform. The game selection at an iPhone casino is versatile but might not be as large as the regular website. Expect the same level of quality, though. iPhone casinos are convenient because customers can make in-app purchases without requiring another device.

Android Casinos

android casino logoiOS might be popular, but Android leads the list of most dominant operating systems for smartphones. The software is compatible with millions of devices. You can find Android devices in all price ranges from budget phones with no frills to some of the most sophisticated devices. This large customer base provides casinos with incredible opportunities to service gamblers on different devices. Android casinos are compatible with the OS, and that means they can be used on thousands of devices.

The app is optimised to offer graphics, animations and content on any Android device. Of course, the compatibility of a device with a casino app depends on if it meets the requirements. Apps are designed to work with specific systems, for instance, Android Gingerbread. It means that only smartphones with this version of Android or higher can work with the software. Google Play Store is the marketplace for Android applications. However, the store doesn’t allow the advertisement of gambling tools. Therefore, you won’t find casino apps by searching here. Gambling websites usually provide links to APK files, which users can install manually. Then there is the option of accessing an online casino through web browsers.

Windows Casinos

windows casino logoWindows is the most-used OS for desktop casinos. A few mobile devices still use Windows OS although the numbers are dwindling. Microsoft phones were discontinued, and on December 2019, the company will stop providing support. However, some people own Windows smartphones which they can use to gamble online thanks to mobile-responsive websites. Due to the small market share that Windows phones command, it is understandable why a casino would not spend money developing a native app for the OS. Casinos don’t disregard this customer base, though. They have mobile websites and HTML5 games that are readily accessible on Windows phones.

The inclusion of Windows smartphone users means that casinos leave out very few people. Playing on a Windows phone will feel almost the same as the standard platform, except for the limited game choices. Because you are using a browser, it doesn’t matter which version of Windows is on your device. It matters, though that you install the latest browser. It guarantees that you get the best quality graphics and sounds.

Gaming on Tablets

The other mobile gambling solution is the tablet. Players enjoy the same convenience of gaming on the go as with smartphones. The difference is that tablets have larger displays. A 10-inch tablet PC gives you a bigger playing area than any smartphone. The size advantage makes tablets for certain games such as classic table games like roulette. Casinos have apps for the different operating systems for tablets, and we evaluate each one here.

iPad Tablets

iPad CasinoThe Apple iPad is among the most popular tablet PCs. iPads serve a variety of needs, from learning to entertainment. Gambling is another benefit that you get to enjoy thanks to native iPad apps. iPad casino software is structured to suit the functionality of the Apple tablet. For this reason, these apps deliver seamless performances. They are almost as good as playing on a PC. Of course, the difference in functionality means that not everything is the same. For one, the games will be fewer on an iPad than a desktop computer. Still, casinos try to provide as much variety as possible with games such as scratch cards, slots and table games.

Android Tablets

Mobile Casinos App StoreOver 70% of tablet users are on the Android OS. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo have several generations of Android tablets. We tried playing on different Android tablets and weren’t disappointed. Whether you are at the casinos or live casino, the quality of games is exceptional. Spinning a roulette wheel or playing baccarat is more interesting when doing it on a large screen. The app you download for an Android smartphone is the same one you use on a tablet.

Windows Tablets

Windows tablets are more popular than smartphones. The devices come with rich features that make them perfect for online gaming. Just like Windows smartphones, you won’t find compatible software for Windows tablets. The only option for playing casino games on your device is through a browser. With the latest browser, you can access slots, jackpots and other casino games straight from your tablet.

Fire Tablets

amazon fire casinoThe Fire Kindle is a tablet developed by Amazon for entertainment, shopping and reading. You can play various casino games on your Amazon Fire tablet from your favourite casino. Gambling platforms prioritise Android and iOS apps, so don’t expect to find a compatible one for your Amazon device. The tablet is internet-enabled, therefore, you can install browsers and access your casino of choice. It means that you don’t have to worry about downloading the app onto the device, which has limited storage. You can opt to have an SD card to improve your gaming alternatives.

Our Recommendation

With different apps available for various operating systems, online players have a multitude of options. You have hundreds of casinos that are accessible on your smartphone or tablet. Which is the best one? Well, the suitability of a mobile casino depends on a host of factors. We give you the pros and cons of each one, so you can decide what works best for you.

iPhone Casino

+ Reputable casinos with excellent performances
– Few gaming choices

Android Casinos

+ Compatible with many devices
– Limited game selection

Windows Casinos

+ Save storage space
– Can’t enjoy in-app purchases

iPad Casinos

+ Stellar graphics and animation for sites
– Small game library

Android Tablets

+ Ideal for table games due to the large display
– Might not support all games

Windows Tablets

+ No download necessary
– Doesn’t have compatible apps

Fire/Amazon Tablets

+ Expandable memory allows for more gaming options
– Can’t use payment apps