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About Us

Given the influx of mobile casinos in the market, it is easy for sites to puff players with information in a bid to woo as many to their sites as possible without delivering quality results. A good website provides essential information regarding its game selection, payment methods, bonuses, and wagering requirements, among other features. If a casino site can’t provide this basic information, it is best to avoid it. At mobile casino, we have made it our goal to provide insight regarding renowned and new casino sites to help players make informed decisions. Our experts perform rigorous tests and extensive research to provide an in-depth analysis of the best sites. They are well-versed in this field, and you can be confident to find reviews of the legitimate casino websites.

Our dedicated experts work every day to keep the database updated with the latest information about the sites. As such, if there are new rates for welcome and other bonuses or new games added to a site’s catalogue, you will find all such information here. Our primary goal is providing accurate information about mobile casinos and offer unbiased reviews using a transparent rating system. We strive to improve this industry by promoting casinos that promote secure, fair play and have set up consumer-centric policies.

How We Achieve This

Many players have lost their hard-earned cash to rogue casinos. At mobile-casino.com, you will not find phrases like “players are allowed to apply to 99% of the games.” Rather, our team of experts performs extensive searches on small and reputable gaming sites that agree with our search criteria. We set up a unique test criterion to enable our experts find out relevant information about the sites in question. The review involves assessing a casino’s software providers to determine the extent of the gaming catalogue, payment options available, the return to player rate for each game, the casino’s cumulative rate, and the time taken to the cash. Our experts also look at the company’s regulatory body. UK-based online casinos, for example, are required to obtain a license with the UK Gambling Commission. This governmental agency replaced the Gaming Board and has been entrusted to grant licences to operators who offer free and fair games, prevent vulnerable players from gambling, and keep out any form of criminal activity. It ensures that the information available to the end user is transparent, honest and unbiased. Our experts maintain that registering with a licenced casino is the safest way of recovering a player’s money in case of fraud. It is an essential factor for identifying the legitimacy of an online casino. A licenced casino reveals:

  • All its Term and Conditions plainly
  • The player’s transactions, including the time spent gambling
  • Provides information about any special offers available and the conditions that players should meet. Towards the end of 2017, the UKGC was planning to clamp down on casinos that enforce complex betting requirements, e.g., online casinos that require players to bet as many times on bonus offers.
  • Set out a plan on how to protect players’ funds in case the business is dissolved
  • Have a written complaints procedure for players to refer to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity. It should be available on request. ADR organizations are set up to help solve players’ disputes according to the Consumer Disputes Regulations 2015 Act

What’s more, our team of experts will keep you in the loop regarding the latest mobile casino launches, new casino operators, and any new games that have been developed so that players can explore as many options as is possible.

Founders Behind Mobileˍcasino.com

We have a dedicated editor who is well-versed in a range of areas in the gambling industry. He is committed to providing honest and relevant information for you to make an informed decision. The author helps you identify the best bonuses and online casinos that are worth your investments. Here’s more about the Christian Webber.

Christian Webber-Editor

Christian WebberHe is another experienced editor in field of slot machines and other casino games. Christian has helped several online gaming portals develop relevant content for their sites hence, engaged him for advice on the best information to include in this portal. He boasts vast insider knowledge regarding a range of casinos and can identify rogue online casinos from the onset. Also, Christian recommends reliable casinos based on their gaming catalogue and pay-out rate, among other features. He is not afraid to discredit an online casino if it does not meet these basic requirements. Christian also provides expert knowledge regarding diverse gambling topics. As such, if you are looking for tips on how to play on slot games, the classics, and other casino games, Christian Webber is your go-to guy. His favourite food is the Italian cuisine and loves browsing the internet. We appreciate having him onboard.