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When it comes to the size of its network of supported casinos and poker rooms, Neteller beats all competition by large margins. While a lot of payment providers have sprung up over the years and the business is booming, any player who has been around for a while probably has a Neteller account that has seen quite the volume of transactions.

Nowadays, Neteller is not just a niche payment provider for online casino players anymore, but also one of the largest online banks in the world. Since its start in 1999, the company from The Isle of Man has been continuously developing its services and expanding its business. Today you don’t just have your online E-Cash account, you can also get a debit card linked to it, making withdrawals very easy and straightforward; while on the other hand, deposits have never really been an issue with Neteller.

Using Neteller at online casinos and mobile casinos

neteller casinoFirst of all, you will need to create an account, as with most other similar services. In the case of Neteller, this is quite simple – which has lead to some concern from critics aimed at the potential issue of someone opening an account in someone else’s name. And while that’s theoretically possible, that person won’t get very far when they need to complete an actual transaction, as then they will have to undergo a lengthy verification process that will reveal their true name.

If you want to have your account “verified”, you’ll initially have to perform some small transfers to your bank account to verify its ownership, and later on you’ll need to send copies of various bills to prove that you live at your stated address.

As soon as you’ve set up your Neteller account, you can add a bank account to it. This can be done via either a credit card, or through an Ukash or Paysafacard payment. In addition, you can allow Neteller to make direct withdrawals from your bank account, simplifying the process of adding money to your casino balance.

Advantages of Neteller

If you’re planning on playing in a mobile casino, you should register an account at Neteller simply for the reason that it’s the most popular provider in that field at the moment. But if you still don’t see the main advantages, here are some things to consider:

First, you’ll be able to easily transfer money to your online and mobile accounts without disclosing your real identity or any sensitive payment details. If someone has installed any spy tools on your mobile device, hoping to capture your bank account information, they won’t be able to retrieve much information from you.

And while Neteller’s payments can take a little longer than with most payment providers, due to the need to have everything verified carefully on the casinos end, this is all for your benefit in the end as it ensures a safe and secure experience.

Let’s not forget the Neteller Debit Card as well. You can use it just like a normal credit card, with the only difference that you don’t actually have access to a credit line, but rather a pre-loaded account with money. A good player’s account will always be quite full anyway, though.

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Neteller Casinos
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