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Ukash Casinos

Compared to credit cards, Neteller or Skrill, Ukash isn’t quite that popular. This of course doesn’t mean that the service is not in use; it was just a little late to the party when other companies had already set up similar businesses and managed to build some reputation for them. It didn’t help that a shroud of controversy has always surrounded online payment methods, but this is more about the users of these services, not the services themselves. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at what Ukash can actually offer you.

In essence, Ukash is nothing but a coupon system. You buy a card, which contains a specific sum of money, and you then use the code printed on the card (composed of 19 digits) to access the money on the card. Afterwards you can safely get rid of the card.

Ukash isn’t just useful for mobile and online casinos – you can also use it to pay in various stores, or even to deposit money to your Skrill/Neteller accounts. There are various possibilities, although your options are slightly more limited in countries such as Germany, however In the rest of the world though, Ukash is seeing a lot more use and popularity.

Advantages of using Ukash

ukash casinosSecurity and anonymity are your biggest benefits when using Ukash; let’s have a look at the anonymity aspects first. You never have to state what you need the card for, not when buying it nor when depositing money from it into an account. The system is, as a whole, quite simple and allows you to set up a streamlined cash flow for your operations. Sure, the casino will know, but that’s not exactly a worrying point, is it?

Due to the way Ukash works, you also don’t have to worry about any potential security issues. There isn’t any sensitive information for a potential thief to steal, and in the worst-case scenario, they could set up some complicated scheme to intercept your code as you’re trying to deposit money into an account, but even then the loss wouldn’t be that great.

ukash cardThe one potential problem you have to be wary of is that Ukash is essentially another banknote in your wallet. Losing the card means that you lose all money on it, and considering that an Ukash card usually holds more money than an average note of the same size, it’s good to keep it in a safe spot. If anyone finds the card afterwards, they’re free to use the money on it as it’s not attached to your account – it’s as if they found a bill you dropped on the street!

Potential problems with Ukash

Ukash has been the subject of some media controversy lately, mostly due to the fact that criminals have started to adopt the payment method in their operations, due to the aforementioned security and anonymity. It can be hard to trace both the sender and the recipient of the money when Ukash is used, and this has lead to their use in various shady schemes. One popular trick is to lock down a computer infected with a virus, with a message requiring a payment with an Ukash voucher in order to release the computer. Some viruses were specifically written to utilize Ukash in their transactions.

As a result, the usefulness of Ukash has been a bit degraded since 2012, mainly in Germany and some other European countries. For example, it’s no longer possible to add up several Ukash cards in one single transaction in order to send more money. This also means that you can’t deposit a lot of money into your casino accounts, which could lead to missing out on some good bonuses.

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Ukash Casinos
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