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The number of mobile casinos is constantly increasing, with new ones regularly appearing. What at the beginning was no more than a handful of casino providers, has by now expanded into umpteen various possibilities for gameplay on the smartphone. It’s becoming obvious that these providers are beginning to almost virtually fist fight for players to use their site over others. In other words, it’s a no holds barred fight and that is always good for casino players because it makes the mobile casino bonus offers increase.

casino bonusEvery experienced online casino player naturally knows how important it is to not just play and rely entirely on luck, but to also take the offered bonuses in order to improve his (or her!) game. It’s no different in mobile casinos because in principle these are not really any different from the classic Internet casinos. The only differences are that the gameplay is a little bit different and there are currently still not quite as many games as the online version. On the whole for the gamers though, it’s about the fun of course and don’t forget about the winnings! The more there is to win, the better a game or a casino is – that is why the bonus offers in mobile casinos are also so important.

How to Nab Yourself a Mobile Casino Bonus

To begin with, it’s important to find the right mobile casino for you. After all, the bonuses and prizes are useless if you stumble upon one of the few black sheep of the industry – unfortunately there are always some out there. They are becoming less and less in number, but they do exist. For that reason it would be best for you to rely on this recommended list here of the best mobile casinos. Alternatively you can use the large online casinos and their corresponding mobile spin-offs. With these options to review, you will certainly not be lacking in choices.

Following this, you’ll still need to download and install the mobile casino games app onto your smartphone. The good thing is, that now all mobile casinos have apps that are optimized for iPhone or for Android phones. Some even have the ability for you to use an app for Blackberry or on the Windows Phone operating systems. Admittedly however, there are still very few of those. So once you have downloaded the app, you can register very easily, log on and follow the instructions for the bonus. There are various different possibilities there for what you will have to do, from no deposit bonuses up to three deposit offers – everything is possible.

Bonus Types in a Mobile Casino

mobil bonusThe situation with online casinos is very similar to live casinos. There is the type of bonus, which requires no deposit, for example. This is the most popular bonus with the most players as here; it is possible to begin directly after signing up. Sometimes there is real money with this mobile casino bonus that you can then gamble with; sometimes there are also free games that must be cashed in within a specific mobile casino game.

The next most popular bonus is a doubling of your deposit. Most of the time this bonus is limited to a fixed sum. This is called a 100% bonus, since it gives that amount on top of your first deposit. This sum can vary however: sometimes it is 150%, sometimes just 50% on top. That is completely variable and needs to be clarified by the player each time.

Not only are the first deposit bonuses of a greater value in many mobile casinos, but as well as that you will also (after registration) also often receive further bonuses. Therefore it is important to not just pay attention to the first bonus offers that you see in the live casino, but also to all future ones too. These can take the form of action bonuses, VIP-bonuses and many others also come along – these can bring you quite a bit of additional money.

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Mobile Casino Bonus
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